Saturday, March 27, 2004

Two Questions

What is the social utility of poetry?

"What's love got to do, got to do with it?"
Thursday, March 25, 2004

oh, one (quest "ion") - - -

One question:

Nature becomes fragmented?

No, two questions:

Objects terrible and alone?

No, three questions:

"am I aware that I take issue?"

No, four questions:

Is writing in long complete sentences?

No, five questions.

Why does R. Barthes make me sleepy?

No, six questions.

Interesting argument from both perspectives, per anyone?

Just two questions ...

1) Is there any room left today for poetry that is formally metered to be taken seriously?

2) Is there any room left today for poetry that actually holds to a strict standard of rhyming?

Can either of these forms (or both together) be taken seriously anymore, or are they out-dated? And if they are out-dated, can they be reinvigorated by a fresh poet?

what is

the fastest, easiest way to end apathy?

cleaning my fishes' (fish'?) tank hasn't helped. neither has doing a load of laundry.

i hate college. someone speed me to 40, with a cat and goat in the backyard, and an honest-to-god outhouse, and an honest-to-god interest in camellias and jacaranda, so i can skip over all this bullshit.

you can read this as "alcoholism is still alcoholism, even if you do have an interesting haircut."

This Week In Blogland

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Some More Nosy Questions

1) If you could have dinner with any poet, living or dead, which would you choose?
2) If you were a zombie at the WCU Poetry Conference whose brains would you eat first?
3) Who would be your dream celebrity judges for the World Poetry Idol Competition?
4) Who is absolute?
5) What would you replace the chicken with?

As/Is II Needs You!

Things in my personal life right now are extremely hectic. As it is I scarcely have the time to update & maintain my own weblog, never mind do all the work for administrating this one as well. If someone would like to lend a hand as co-administrator, please email me. The only qualifications are the time to do it, some enthusiasm & the ability to look sexy in old track pants. Thanks!
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
1. Deconstruction is to L= poetry as dogs are to Greek Gods.

2. To avoid the inevitable pitfalls, As/IsII must keep an active sense of humor and not devolve into flame wars.

3. The ideal poet's computer would have links to my favorite blogs, including my own.

4. The tonal quality is a flux of one's passions and intelligence.

5. If Jim Behrle's in love we must all do our best to stay out of his cartoons.

Sentience, the Wall of Things Finnish:

1) Deconstruction is to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry as dogs are to _____________ .
2) To avoid the inevitable pitfalls, As/Is II must _____________________________.
3) The ideal poet's computer would have _________________.
4) The tonal quality is a flux of _______________ .
5) If Jim Berhle is in love we must all do our best to _______________ .
Monday, March 22, 2004


Some thots on branding in poetry, after reading Silliman's latest entry & about the (ridiculously) vitriolic reactions:
  • poetic anonymity - esp. the use of monikers - is akin to D.J.s using stage names
  • poetry slammers often use names similar to those of hip-hop artists, who as they are often African-American, are often quite savy to the use of marketing - many hip-hop artists will admit that their act is just that - an act - while more hypocritical pop artists are claiming to be themselves
  • poetry is very similar to marketing - as someone who does door-to-door sales - the most direct, in-your-face form of marketing there is - I find the skills often overlap
  • Walt Whitman was not Walter Whitman
  • Karl Marx™ was not a Marxist
  • I fear that Silliman may be relegating a certain phenonemon among a number of poets - that of going by a "cute" name on their weblogs - unnecessarily to the margins by his dismissal of it - I suspect there is more there than one might suspect - in an earlier posting he compared these names to tattoos, in that they will be something that one will regret later - but what about the many, many people who do not regret getting tattoos, and take them on as an important aspect of their identity, indeed even an art form?

Sunday, March 21, 2004

dim hour

in the dim hour
my headache
sliced the universe
into raging splattering red holes
modern enough
for your morgue?

billy jno hope seeds
Only lips--
that kiss--
can part--
to release--
the loving--
that speaks.

the hand
that masturbates
can write.