Wednesday, May 19, 2004
This was left in my comments box by one T. Any comments?

The problem with fluctuations in structure in poetry is, (as pointed out) that it must have a point to it otherwise its a whole lot of crap with a meaningless breaks in reading pattern. This is indeed a personal subjective view and having said that, poetry to me is about rhythm. Rhythm and imagary. The point is to express.. so we need to trace this discussion back to its original purpose.. its functionality.. and that is where the problem is.. for most people especially where I'm at.. poetry is dead.. in fact there is no publisher (exclusing penguin) who is willing to publish poetry.. and it's staus quo until we find a way to make contemporary poetry truly contemporary. Hyper modern text isn't truly communicating.. it may be a reflection of the way our society is moving.. but it isn't necessarily communicating.
Poetry is a form of friction. It either creates heat then light, or an abrasive screeching noise.