Thursday, May 06, 2004

Non-Blog Announcement

I'm announcing the creation of my new non-blog - A Poet's Notebook - which will post poems in progress, with revisions included.
Tuesday, May 04, 2004


a word which i use to designate the practive of inventing a new system of aesthetics.
these grids which some poets were posting awhile back, even if only in jest, were something like a sketch of this.
it is not dissimilar with trying to write a new feeling, or a new thought.
but it will have more staying power if it has at least two, or even three, major components.

poems written to a new aesthetic may be judged faulty according to whatever old system the reader perceives it as aspiring to. therefore, the context is all important. which is why paegilchang only succeeds in literary history if it becomes a movement.

we tend to believe art progresses by separate masterpieces which inspire emulation.
this gives us objects of study. how convenient.
"the Spirit is a wind".