Wednesday, April 07, 2004


What do you think about "difficult" poetry? What makes a poem difficult? Does difficulty add value?

Is there anything that you think a poem must do? Is there anything that you think a poem should never do?

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

givin it a whril

asking little

I see the strange beauty more clearly
With it’s hardness and meanness
(and the delicacy too)

but it’s the streaks that fascinate me
the brilliant brittle streaks of tenderness in the flinty rock
life asking little

So what are you afraid of?
hide behind that smoke of your own making
like that will keep you free from risk

remain untouched, unmoved
but life is changing more than you know
sooner than you know

approaching something larger
witnessing something
stay back along the edges though

things develop in the edge
The edges that peel back, blister up, fragile
The edges that overlap

Just the edges
Life around the edges
The overlap